6 Health Benefits of Strawberry Juice

6 Health Benefits of Strawberry Juice

Those luscious red strawberries; one of the few fruits that look as good as it tastes. Strawberries are very versatile. You can eat them in so many different ways and they make a great topping to your pudding, cakes, cookies and even your oatmeal breakfast. You can put them on top of your salad, a bowl of ice-cream or just clean them thoroughly, put them in a cup and have it as a healthy snack. Of all the ways to eat strawberries, the best way to take it is to just juice it. When you take anything in its liquid form, the nutrients reach into your bloodstream faster and make it much more efficient. Strawberries are no exception. The only thing you have to keep in mind when you are making strawberry juice or any other juice is that you need to stop yourself from adding sugar to it, as it defeats the whole healthy aspect of juicing fruits. Here are some of the health benefits of strawberry juice.

1. It makes for a great low calorie drink

You do not have to go shopping the next time you want to drink something during or after your workout sessions. Grab a few strawberries and make it into a juice and you have a wonderful low calorie drink in your hands. This is the most natural and healthy way to have a low calorie drink.

2. It is good for your eyes.

When you have strawberry juice regularly for a long period of time, it is known to cure age related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Since it also tastes great, there is no reason as to why you should not be having it regularly.

3. They act as a great anti-inflammatory agent.

Strawberries have phenol in them which fight against many inflammatory disorders. They work in much the same way that the drugs aspirin and ibuprofen do. They are a great help when it comes to treating problems in your body like osteoarthritis, asthma and atherosclerosis.

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