11 Health Benefits of Shallots

Health Benefits of Shallots

Shallots are something of a miracle food. It has so many health benefits that you would be tempted to use it every day and also find a way to add it to your daily meals. Shallots belong to the onion family and grow under the soil. The leaves of shallots can also be cooked and contain as many nutrients as the bulbs. Shallots are good for your skin, your hair, digestion and the general health of your body. Here are some of the numerous health benefits of shallots.

1. Shallots are a great source of iron

And iron is very important for the proper functioning of the red blood cells, maintain the correct level of haemoglobin and strengthen the body tissues.

2. It has a good fiber content

Shallots also have a lot of fiber in them that helps you with proper digestion. It is an essential ingredient in many cuisines for its benefits for the stomach and its role in preventing constipation.

3. Shallots also have a lot of potassium

The potassium in shallots helps regulate the body’s fluid levels. A good dose of shallots in your diet can help reduce heart problems and prevent muscle cramps and weaknesses.

4. Shallots are good for your heart

Cycloallin, an anticoagulant found in shallots are useful in protecting your body against heart disease. It contains allicicn that blocks platelet clot formation in your blood vessels and decreases heart problems such as peripheral vascular diseases (PVD), coronary artery disease (CAD), and stroke. It also helps the body produce an anti-coagulant that thins the blood and reduces the risk of atherosclerotic disease.

5. It boosts your immune system

Shallots can be eaten raw or put in soups to help boost your immune system and also prevent you from contracting the common cold, fever and flu.

6. Low in calories

Since shallots are vegetables, they can be added more than the meat in a dish thereby reducing the amount of calories that you intake and also make the dish a healthy one.

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