6 Health Benefits of Probiotics

Health Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that are present in our bodies, especially in our digestive and urinary tracts. There microorganisms or bacteria are friendly in nature and are not only beneficial but crucial for maintaining our health. They aid in and ease the digestive process and ensure proper absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Sometimes if such microorganisms deplete in our system, we ingest them through food sources like yogurt so as to make use of their beneficial effects, and maintain our health. The word ‘probiotic’ comes from two Greek words: ‘pro’ which means promotion, and ‘biotic’ which means life. Therefore, probiotics are those that support and affirm life and health. Listed below are the top 6 health benefits of probiotics.

1. Boost immunity

Probiotics help in boosting your immune system by smoothening and improving the various bodily functions like digestive and urinary systems. The presence of friendly bacteria in your body thus helps in overall boosting of your immunity by stimulating immune response in your body.

2. Boost digestive health

Probiotics help in the breaking down of the food we eat into simpler elements which enable the process of absorption of nutrients and discarding of wastes. Basically, probiotics ensure smooth digestion and boosts our digestive health. There are as many as a thousand different types of bacteria in our system, which aid in the digestive system and essentially ensure our digestive health. But sometimes due to medications like antibiotics which are meant to kill only the disease causing harmful bacteria, the friendly bacteria too gets killed and their number significantly depletes inside our system. Then, probiotics must be externally ingested so as to replenish the number of friendly bacteria and keep our digestive health intact. Probiotics also prevent other digestion related problems like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, cramps and abdominal pain.

3. Prevent allergies

Research has shown that women who took probiotics regularly were 30% less affected by seasonal allergies than those who did not. Also, pregnant women who ingested probiotics reduced the risk of childhood eczema in their infants significantly. Also, the unborn fetuses which received probiotics through their mothers also had stronger immunities and were 50% less likely to attract infections in their infancy.

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