5 Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Basil

5 Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Basil

Basil originally a herb from India has numerous health benefits. Consuming fresh basil gives more nutritional values than dried basil or its supplements. Quite popular for its Indian cultural values and Ayurveda it also has its demands when it comes to Italian cuisines and tea drinkers. The FDA says that eating just 2 tablespoons a day is enough to reduce the risk of heart disease in most healthy adults. So, let’s see what this herb has to offer.

1. Prevents common cold and cough

Basil has good amount of Vitamin C and is rich in antioxidants. It strengthens immunity and prevents cold and cures cold. It is recommended during damp seasons when Malaria and dengue are wide spread. Basil leaves mixed in hot tea or warm juice helps getting rid of phlegm. Chewing fresh basil with cloves alleviates cough and flu.

2. Prevents heart disorder

Basil is strongly recommended for adults for preventing heart ailments. Every 100 gm of fresh basil has 33 gm of protein. Proteins help in loosing weight and prevent heart disorder. Basil being a great source of magnesium helps to reduce cholesterol levels in blood and improves blood circulation. It also works well for stabilizing blood pressure.

3. Good for eyes and mouth

Basil has vitamin A properties. It cures eye infection, conjunctivitis, soothes eye stress and helps in avoiding night blindness and vision problems. Basil is also consumed as a mouth freshener, it wards away bad breath.

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