5 Health Benefits of Brown Sugar

5 Health Benefits of Brown Sugar

Brown sugar or cane sugar is also sugar that has a distinct brown color. Brown sugar can be either made by adding molasses to white sugar or can be made through the usual sugar making process by leaving some molasses on. A lot of people use brown sugar as it is touted to be a healthier alternative to white sugar. People also use it because it has a different taste. Although brown sugar contains the same amount of calories as that of white sugar, it does have some health benefits that white sugar does not have. Here are some health benefits of brown sugar.

1. It has minerals that are beneficial to the body

The minerals present in brown sugar come from the molasses added to white sugar. These molasses are a good source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and Iron. A tablespoon of brown sugar every day gives you 20% of the daily value of the nutrients that your body needs.

2. It helps in easing pain during menstrual cramps

A lot of women suffer every month during their menstrual cycle. This can range from severe cramps in the limbs and stomach to a dull ache throughout the body. Brown sugar taken just like that or when mixed with a solution of ginger and lemon helps reduce the cramps caused by your periods. It helps relieve and soothe the pain and is a homemade remedy that is used by many women around the world.

3. It is an ingredient in anti-ageing skin treatments

Brown sugar is also an active ingredient in anti-ageing skin treatments. You can make a paste of brown sugar, egg whites and lemon and apply it on your face regularly or buy one of the anti-ageing creams that have brown sugar as an ingredient. This anti-ageing property of brown sugar comes from the molasses. The molasses form the cane are much better compared to the molasses form beet sugar. Except a few countries, most people use molasses from cane to make brown sugar.

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