9 Health Benefits of Apples

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Apple is literally in the genesis of human history with its miraculous health benefits that prevents the human body against various illnesses. Here are 9 health benefits of apples.

1. It helps you get stronger and whiter teeth

Apples are rich in fiber, hence biting and chewing on them strengthens your teeth, helps fight against gum problems, reduces bleeding and oral bacteria.

2. It helps protect against Parkinson

Parkinson is caused by damage in the dopamine-nerve cells which affects the entire nervous system. As apples are rich in fiber and contain the same antioxidants, it helps build protection against same.

3. It reduces the risk of diabetes

The soluble fiber in apples reduces the blood sugar levels preventing against the type 2 Diabetes disease, especially in women.

4. It keeps the cholesterol level in check

Apple contains high soluble fiber which breaks down the fat in the intestine to lower the cholesterol level in your body.

5. It helps combat diarrhea and constipation

Apple is a miraculous fruit which helps in both abdominal conditions; the fibers absorbs excess water from your stool and help control it.

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