5 Hair Oil Myths

 Hair Oil Myths

Oiling hair everyday makes it thicker. Do you believe in this? Perhaps you are wrong. There is no doubt that a hot oil massage works great on your hair, but that doesn’t mean oiling leads to lustrous tresses. There are several such myths about hair oil. Check out 5 such hair oil myths.

1. Olive oil and mayonnaise offer silky hair

Are you under the notion that a lot of olive oil and mayonnaise will give you silky hair? Then you got it all wrong. The combination is good, but in excess it gives the opposite result. If you have thick hair, the combination of mayonnaise and olive oil will give great results working as a suitable alternative for deep conditioning hair treatments. Instead, if someone with thin and fine hair uses this mixture, it will not work properly, contrary to the belief. The mayo-olive oil combination works perfect for hair with a specific texture and one tablespoon of both needs to be applied on to the hair, leaving it for 20 minutes before washing it off with a cleansing shampoo.

2. Hair oil is a great moisturizer for your locks

You might have heard this a hundred times that oil moisturizes your hair. Learn the truth. The moisturizing effect or hydrating effect can be provided only by water or water-based products. Oil acts as a lubricant that helps lock the moisture in the hair. Thinking oil will be good moisture and applying it daily will only lead to dryness in the long run. So, understand hair oils cannot be moisturizers.

3. Oiling makes your hair grow longer

Most of you believe that your hair is growing longer and darker because of regular oiling. This is again a wrong notion, as the hair under your scalp does not have a life. So, simply applying something to your hair cannot help it grow longer.

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