5 Habits that Give You Acne

5 Habits that Give You Acne

That horrid zit is such a pain on your beauty regime that it forces you to try everything possible to get rid of it. Various factors such as weather, food, beauty products and hereditary reasons can result in acne. Some of your routine practices also lead to skin conditions like acne. Are you still unable to figure out which daily habits cause acne? Check out 5 habits that give you acne.

1. Over scrubbing your face

You may think that scrubbing your face daily may make your face crystal clear. Contrary to your belief, this habit leads to various skin irritations. Too much scrubbing using a cleansing brush can lead to inflammation and pore clogging. It is better to exfoliate only twice a week or else you will have to fight acne issues.

2. Having greasy foods regularly

Diet plays a vital role in acne outbreak. If you binge on dairy products or greasy foods, it can stimulate oil glands and clog the pores. Studies have proved that foods with high glycemic index trigger hormonal changes that lead to acne outburst.

3. Smoking off and on

Whether smoking and acne has a direct relation is still debatable but smoking will definitely have negative influence towards any kind of skin inflammation. Smoking reduces the immunity power of the body and changes the hormonal balance. It also increases the wound healing time and saps nutrients of the skin. All these conditions promote acne problems and worsen acne if you already have it.

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