5 Great Ways to Hide Acne Scars

Great Ways to Hide Acne Scars

Having a flawless skin is the dream of every woman. But skin conditions like acne and related scars make it difficult. The reason for acne varies from hormonal changes, environmental condition to improper diet. While with proper treatment, acne and scars can be treated, it takes some time. However, there are many ways to hide acne scars effectively. Check out a few right here.

1. Choose the right type of skin products

While skin products are made to enhance the skin, not all products are suitable to everyone. The first step towards hiding acne scars is to choose the right skin products that suit you. Natural and herbal products are the best, but it is still good to test them against your skin before buying them.

2. Using a concealer to mask acne scars

The market is flooded with many types of concealers that effectively mask acne scars. Again, there are plenty of options based on skin type and complexion. A mineral powder based concealer works good on an oily skin, while liquid foundations are best for dry skin. Remember to apply the concealer on a clean skin with clean hands.

3. Scrub the face regularly

Even before applying concealer, it is important to scrub the face clean. Washing the face with a mild soap or face-wash at least thrice a day is very important. Especially for people who spend plenty of time outdoors, mineral based concealers are excellent.

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