10 Great Smoothies for Summer

10 Great Smoothies for Summer

Summer heat can affect your appetite. You want something healthy, yet cool and relaxing. What could be more perfect than smoothies? Here are 10 great smoothies for summer.

1. Cranberry coconut smoothie

The sweetness of coconut milk combined with zesty cranberries create a vibrantly refreshing drink, perfect to beat the summer heat. You can get all your proteins from almonds and flax seeds.

2. The Goddess shake

It’s rich and exotic in flavor and texture and makes for a perfect summer drink. With banana, almond milk and coco powder, you fill feel satiated all day long!

3. Melon pomegranate almond smoothie

The lovely redness from the fresh pomegranate seeds, combined with the sweetness of melons and a dash of lime juice will give you a unique summer flavor combination. Almonds give it a rich texture and add to protein requirements.

4. Minty Mojito smoothie

Fresh mint, avocado, lime juice and some protein mix to energize your body and give you radiant and glowing skin in this summer heat.

5. Peach-mango smoothie

This will satisfy your thirst for something sweet, rich and creamy with the sweetness from the mangoes and peaches and the rich consistency of almond milk to keep you going all day long.

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