10 Great Hugh Jackman Quotes

10 Great Hugh Jackman Quotes

Having won various awards for his characters, Hugh Jackman has surely carved a niche for himself in Hollywood. He has also done theater and television. Hugh has won international recognition for his roles in Hollywood movies. He is surely a man to get inspired from. Listed below are some great quotes by Hugh, read on.

1. “I have a terrific marriage, but unlike a lot of relationships where they ebb and flow, no matter what happens you fall deeper and deeper in love every day. It`s kind of the best thing that can happen to you. It`s thrilling.”

2. “I`ve always felt that if you back down from a fear, the ghost of that fear never goes away. It diminishes people. So I`ve always said `yes` to the thing I`m most scared about. The fear of letting myself down — of saying `no` to something that I was afraid of and then sitting in my room later going, `I wish I`d had the guts to say this or that` — that galvanizes me more than anything.”

3. “Acting is something I love. It`s a great craft that I have a lot of respect for. But I don`t think it`s any greater challenge than teaching 8 year olds or any other career. In my life, I try not to make it more important than it is and I just hope that rubs off on the people around me.”

4. “I never read comics as a kid, and when I was slipped the comics under my trailer door, Bryan Singer didn`t want us to read them. He was very frightened that we would come out with these 2D characters, and I was amazed at how helpful they were, the images more than the story. The images, and how they capture emotion or an action sequence in just, say, three images – I have to say I used them as inspiration for some of the fighting stances or techniques. The way Wolverine stands and how he looks.”

5. “There comes a certain point in life when you have to stop blaming other people for how you feel or the misfortunes in your life. You can’t go through life obsessing about what might have been.”

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