7 Good Ways to Keep Kids Active

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Now-a-days, kids are not as active as they should be. Thanks to gadgets like iPad and Smartphones, kids are always hooked on to it. But, it is important to keep the kids active so that they remain healthy. Listed below are ways to keep your kids active, read on.

1. Set fixed hours for TV and computer

Set fixed hours for your children. Set a fixed time, when they can watch TV or play on computer. Most kids today watch TV the whole day; this affects their mind and body in a negative way. To keep them active, proper time and routine is a must.

2. Do not reward them with chocolates

If you reward your kids with chocolates or junk food for something done in return, then this is not healthy for the kid. Having junk food can directly affect the health of the kid. Most kids are inactive because of this reason. It is important to make them eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies.

3. Play with them

Playing with kids is the best solution to the problem. Kids will really feel good if you play with them as friends. Teach them to play outdoor games; this will also help them stay active. Encourage your kids to play outdoor games more often.

4. Arrange for a play session

The best way to make kids play is to arrange for a play session. Invite other kids to play with your kid. The child will be occupied and will play more during this session. Kids tend to enjoy such activities.

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