5 Good Tips For Computer Eye Strain Relief


Good Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief
Our work life and personal life has become such that we are forced to spend a substantial amount of our waking hours in front of the computer monitor. Staring at the screen and sitting crouched in front of the computer for a long time not only gives you a backache but also strains your eye. At the end of the day, you will get back home with tired eyes that hurt or dry, itchy eyes that you would want to scratch. You will also have a dull ache in your eyes that would not go until you go to sleep. The best way to prevent this problem is to do a few things to relive you of eye strain while working on a computer. Here are some good tips for computer Eye strain relief.

1. Take a break every hour or so and do not look at the monitor

If your work involves that you spend a lot of hours in front of the monitor, take a short break every hour. It could be a minute or two or could be for five minutes. Either switch of the monitor or look away from the monitor. Do not look at anything bright during this break and relax your eyes.

2. Close your eyes for a few seconds once in a while

If you think taking a break for a few minutes every hour will break your work flow, try closing your eyes for a few seconds at random intervals when you are working. You can do this when you are thinking. Instead of staring at the screen when you think, close your eyes and do it. This will help relax your tired eyes and cause it less strain.

3. Wash your face and pour water in your eyes at least once during the day

It is not only during your lunch hour that you should take a break and refresh yourself. Try to splash some water on your face, your eyes especially when you have been spending too much time staring at the screen. The water, when cold refreshes you and also washes the dirt off your eyes. The oily feeling that you get in your eyes when you have been working for too long also disappears when you splash your eyes with water.

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