6 Good Hygiene Habits to Prevent Diseases

6 Good Hygiene Habits to Prevent Diseases

Whether you are a teenager, working woman, mother or a homemaker, there are a few good hygiene habits that you should follow on a daily basis. This may help you prevent ordinary infections and safeguard yourself from other diseases.

1. Wash hands frequently

Washing hands frequently is one of the most fundamental ways to kill bacteria and prevent infections. Some of the common instances after which you should wash hands include eating food, touching other people’s things, coming back from the gym, cooking a meal, patting your pet, clearing out the garbage and using the loo. Carrying a hand sanitizer in your bag will help you to stay clean if you don’t have access to a washroom wherever you go.

2. Clean veggies, fruits and meats before consuming them

Adapting safe practices while preparing meals is critical to prevent yourself and your family from falling ill frequently. Fruits bought from the market should not be consumed without being thoroughly washed. Vegetables too need to be washed and semi cooked before being consumed. When you prepare meats, ensure that they are thoroughly cooked, as raw meats increase the chances of stomach ailments and other intestinal diseases.

3. Keep your house clean

You don’t need to be a cleanliness freak who spends hours on end to make the house look spic and span. But you must ensure that no matter how busy you are, your house adheres to basic norms of hygiene. Make sure you vacuum clean your upholstery occasionally, scrub your kitchen and spruce up your bathroom of all the congealed grime. This will ensure that you don’t give bacteria and germs an opportunity to infest in the house and make anyone fall sick.

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