5 Glamorous Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

Glamorous Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

The year has just begun and it will take a while for new styles to emerge and be showcased. But that does not mean you have to look last year. There is also no need to follow the fashion trends that are set by the industry. The best look always is to wear what you are comfortable in and seem fabulous doing so. You cannot wear a garish color on your lips or eyes because it is in fashion. The models can carry it off with the light and the outrageous clothes but you will have to wear it for your everyday life. You risk the chance of being a laughing stock f you try something that does not suit you. You can look glamorous without sending too much or looking outrageous. Here are some glamorous makeup ideas to try this year.

1. Rich plum for the eyes, lip and the cheeks

It might give you a goth look if applied too thick but when applied correctly it would give you a glamorous look. Try different shades of plum depending upon your skin tone. The best thing about this shade is that it goes with all skin tones. Plum for eye shadow is already on the cards for the spring look and you would be experimenting too much if you used it to glamour up your eyes. When applying it on the cheeks, be careful to blend it well or it will just look like your cheeks have taken a beating.

2. Red lips

Red lips never go out of fashion and when you think classy glamour, you can never go wrong with ed. Red for makeup is like the LBD of dresses. When in doubt go red. You can have a matte look or a glossy look and you would look equally gorgeous. You can also contour your lips to make it fuller and get that glamorous and sexy pout.

3. Nude look

A lot of women think that nude look is not glamorous enough, but nothing can be further from the truth. A lot of surveys show that men prefer women who do not pile on the makeup. And a nude look will make you look great while hiding the fact that you have put make up on. Celebrities like Kim kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth paltrow and Jennifer Lopez have all tried the look and come up trumps.

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