Give Your Love a Birthday to Remember

Give Your Love a Birthday to Remember

Birthdays are magical times – a true celebration of being alive – and hence should be treated like one. Nothing is better than giving your love a birthday to remember, that he will rave about for the rest of the year! Here is how you can make sure that your special someone’s special day is truly special!

1. Think

Time to test how much you actually know your beau. Has he been telling you all along what he wants for his b’day? Is he a party person? Does he like quiet gatherings more? Is he a fan of surprises? Whom does he enjoy with? What is his favorite drink? Cat person? Think deeply about what you think he wants. The idea will stem from there.

2. Plan

Call over his best bud, you will be lucky if it is a girl; or his sister if he is close to his family. Bring out pencils and pads and chalk down all you will need to do to make the birthday special. And plan for that gift that will make him go crazy – his favorite gadget, a watch, a baseball bat, whatever gets his heart racing.

3. Organize the party

This could be a grand party at your place, a family dinner in a nice restaurant, club hopping with a couple of friends, or a cozy romantic dinner – depending on your guy’s preferences. Spend time in buying that perfect outfit that will make him fall for you all over again. Nothing says special like going all out and looking drop dead gorgeous for him.

4. Design the after party

Champagne, Strawberries, Chocolate, Candles! You get it right? You looking wow in that night dress, tickling his fantasies, making it all about him, and he gets much more than a birthday present!

Birthdays are all about feeling loved; make sure that you tell your love how much in love you are. Make him feel like the king, because he deserves to be treated like one on this one day of the year. Of course, this will make sure that your birthday is extra special too. Jokes apart, just pour your heart out, and it should go perfectly!

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