5 Gift Ideas for Scorpio Men

5 Gift Ideas for Scorpio Men

If there is one thing you should know about giving gifts to Scorpio men, it is the fact that they love receiving gifts. In fact their love for material things is so much that they would even go buy gifts for themselves when no one is forthcoming with a gift. Before you gift something to a Scorpio guy you must understand his character and also know what would exactly please him. Scorpio men love a good mystery so the appeal of the gift lies as much in the package as the real gift inside. Here are some gift ideas for Scorpio men.

1. Hats and sunglasses

Scorpio men love to stay cool both literally and figuratively. Sunglasses that frame their face and hats that add to their style quotient would make great gifts for them. They also like to retain a little mystery about them, so darker the shades the more they would like it.

2. Anything that is thrilling and mysterious

A DVD of a thriller or a novel, or a series of murder mystery novels would also make a great gift for a Scorpio guy. Since a Scorpio guy loves this genre you need to do a little background work so you do not get him something that he already has. You can bet that he already has most of the collection.

3. Puzzles, esoteric stuff and crystal balls

You may think that men might not consider these gifts seriously and think you are frivolous for buying them, but the truth remains that men never really grow up when it comes to certain areas. Anything that invokes the dark side or at least creates an impression of it will appeal to the Scorpio guy. You can even throw in a magic kit to make his day.

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