5 Gift Ideas for Libra Men

5 Gift Ideas for Libra Men

People falling under the sun sign are a social lot and are more inclined to be tuned to other people’s needs. Libra men are easy to please but that does not also mean that you can get away with anything. They appreciate beautiful and sensual things and with the right gift you can win over his heart easily. Go for a decorative appeal and try to make it more about the number of gifts than giving him one big gift. Give a Libra guy something that would interest him and also please him visually. Here are some ideas for Libra Men.

1. Kindle, Books and magazine subscriptions

Libra men are very much interested in the lives of others. That does not mean they are nosy or voyeuristic, it just means that they are interested in the lives of great men and famous people. Get him a kindle with biographies of people he considers role models. Get him a magazine subscription that deals with the topics that interest him and you can be sure that every time he sees these things he will be thinking of you.

2. Incense, candles, Incense holders

With a Libra man, you should be thinking about the finer aspects of the gift than the functionality. Do not think, he would appreciate a flash light better than a candle. A scented candle which is beautifully handcrafted will appeal more to his taste than a flashlight would. Also get him some incense sticks with some very exotic smells.

3. Cook up a special dinner and throw a surprise party

If you are stumped with ideas for a gift, you can always cook up a beautiful dinner or throw him a surprise party and invite as many people as you can. Librans are very sociable and a memorable party would be a great gift that he would treasure for life.

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