5 Gift Ideas for Aries Men

5 Gift Ideas for Aries Men

An Aries man is very physical, full of machismo, very masculine, strong and highly independent. You need to think of these things when you are buying him a gift. Do not go for flowers, trinkets or cards when you are buying him a gift. Although he might take it from you, these are definitely not something that he likes. Also jewelry is a definite no-no. He would even tell to your face that you do not ever gift him jewelry again. Anything that flatters his inner machismo will make him happy. Here are some gift ideas for an Aries man.

1. Season tickets to football or baseball matches

The best gift you can give an Aries man is season tickets to a football or a baseball match. He loves the company of other men and the adrenaline rush of the game. Tickets to a boxing match are also not a bad idea. In fact watching a boxing match once in a while will fill him with an adrenaline rush that you can channel to other areas.

2. A ticket to an adventure theme park

Get him a ticket to a theme park where they have hair raising rides. The more scary and complicated the ride, the happier he will be. Also gift him a hot air balloon ride or a ride in the glider. He would absolutely love it.

3. Get him a mountain bike

It does not matter even if you live in the city. He would go on trips to the country just so he can ride his bike. He would also make sure he rides it or at least shows it off to other people. Since the bike makes him look masculine and also helps him develop his legs and muscles, it would make for a wonderful gift.

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