Get A Guy To Notice You With These 10 Tips

Get A Guy To Notice You With These 10 Tips

Have you been eying that cute guy that lives next door? Or is it a crush that you have on one of your high school hunks? Whatever be the case, your problem is the same: You need to get him to notice you. But if you are having trouble doing that or aren’t much up to the task then follow the following steps. For these will surely help you in getting noticed by the guy you adore.

1. Be confident

Guys like girls who are and feel confident about themselves. So though you maybe nervous in front of him, don’t let him see that. You have to keep your cool and believe in yourself. The guy will notice that and come forward to talk to you.

2. Don’t land up in an awkward situation

It’s true that you like him and want him to notice you. But that does not mean you should go out of your way and do silly things. For instance, you stammer and stutter while talking to him. While talking to your friends you try to be funny to impress him if he’s around, but end up making a fool of yourself because no one understood your joke. Therefore don’t be so weird that he gets repelled.

3. Be cheerful

You need to be joyous and buoyant always. So just be yourself and be fun to be around. You should laugh and talk with your friends like you always do. Sure, you like him. But that doesn’t mean you have to center your universe around him. Being with your friends also shows him that you have a life and your friends too love to be in your company.

4. Don’t be too flirty

If you want to get a guy to notice you, you have to be flirty. That is a thumb rule. But you shouldn’t overdo it. The trick you need to follow is to be subtle and pass him small hints that you like him. If you are too loud and always ‘coming’ onto him, he is sure to avoid you and run away.

5. Flash that smile

One of the best things that guys like about girls is the way they smile. Smile as often as you can. It can be when you leave the house and you see him walking across the road; just smile in a cute, friendly way. You could also smile at him casually if you come across him at school.

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