7 Funny Ways to Say I Love You

7 Funny Ways to Say I Love You

Love is always best when expressed grandly. While doing so comes naturally to some people, others usually need some ideas to infuse a nice sense of humor in their love confessions. Here are a few funny ways in which you can say ‘I Love You’ to your partner.

1. Say it with cartoons

‘I’d walk around the world with a pair of stilletos to find my pretty Cinderella’, or ‘I’d love you like Minnie Mouse loved Mickey!’ are some great ways to express your love. Find out what cartoon characters does your partner like best, and figure out some interesting lines around that.

2. Say it with food

‘You are like salt in food to me. Without you, my life is incomplete!’ or “You’re the sugar that can never make me diabetic. I can’t ever get enough of you!” Such delicious love confessions will surely make your partner laugh!

3. Say it with games

“I’d sneak in cards and tokens to you in a game of Poker! That’s how much I love you!” or “Take all my houses in Monopoly, and everything else I own. Because I love you!”. Again, figure out what kind of games does your partner like best and work out something accordingly.

4. Say it with science

“You’re the oxygen in my life!” or “I’m a plant, and my photosynthesis happens only with the radiant rays of your sunny smile!” These kinds of lines are perfect for geeks and science lovers! Who says they can’t be romantic?

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