5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Although not as celebrated as mothers, fathers do play an important role in the life of a child. A father is seen as the role model, the stoic figure everyone goes to for advice, comfort and a little sense when in trouble. The celebration of Father’s day can be attributed to Sonora Smart Dodd. She started this in her hometown of Spokane in honor of her father and initially wanted it on be celebrated on the 5th of June which was her father’s birthday. But because the priests did not have enough time to prepare the sermon and arrange the services, it was postponed to the third Sunday of June and it has been celebrated on the same day ever since. Just like Mother’s day, Father’s day too honors the love a father has for his children and it is a day that is dedicated to all the fathers of the world. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Father’s day.

1. Take him out to his favorite restaurant

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and dads are no exception. Take him out to his favorite restaurant and for one day, let him eat whatever he wants without having to worry about his health. It does not mean you should encourage him to stuff himself, but let him enjoy his steak and fries if that’s the one thing that should never be on his table normally.

2. Catch a movie together

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a movie about fathers; you can catch any movie to want to as long as your dad is going to enjoy it. Remember it is his day and not yours. If your tastes do not match, this could be the day you sacrificed a few hours for your dad. He sure will appreciate you sitting with him.

3. Book a trip or get opera tickets

Sometimes you really don’t have to be in the picture to celebrate Father’s day. You can book a trip for your parents or get them opera tickets so they can both enjoy some time alone. They would have sacrificed a lot with the kids growing up and this would be a treat for the two of them, especially your dad who would find it difficult to woo your mom after so long.

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