9 Fun Things To Do this Christmas

9 Fun Things To Do this Christmas

Celebrate the joy of Christmas by doing some fun things with your friends and family. Here are the 9 fun things to do this Christmas.

1. Watch a Christmas movie

There are so many wonderful Christmas movies to watch that you can become spoilt for choice. Enjoy a lovely family brunch and watch a family Christmas movie like ‘Home Alone’, ‘Arthur Christmas’ or any other movie of your choice.

2. See ‘The Nutcracker’

For those who love to watch dramas and plays, go watch ‘The Nutcracker’. It’s appropriate for adults as well as kids.

3. Involve kids in Christmas preparations

During Christmas, there are sure many things to do around the house. So get your kids to help along. Make Christmas cards, decorate the Christmas tree and let them help in own their way to make Christmas dinner.

4. Play Christmas games

There are exciting Christmas games that you can play this Christmas. You have many options like card games, dice games, luck games, etc. However, drinking party games are the most famous during Christmas!

5. Sing Christmas carols

Sing Christmas carols along with your friends and family. You can find all Christmas carols very easily on the Internet. But remember all the words and try to be in tune. You can sing with the help of a charity too.

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