7 Fun Things for Couples to Do

7 Fun Things for Couples to Do

Families that eat together, stay together. Let’s make a teeny bit modification to this and say couples that play together, stay together and that indeed works. So if you want to keep up the charm and romance in the air all the time, make sure you do, play or invent some exciting recreational activities with your man. Here are some fun things to do together.

1. Dance

Dance has always been a de-stressor that relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the body. This art form becomes all the more sensual when two people in love move together. Their bodies move and so do their souls. As a couple dances together, they feel romantic, energetic and happy. There is lot more they can understand about each other while practicing moves.

2. Exploring with food

Food is versatile and has the power to heighten senses especially when they are natural and full of flavor. So go to a silent spot; this could be at home or by a beach or somewhere private. Carry a basket of different kinds of food that include chocolate, apple, cheese, peanut butter, raisins, crackers, chilly, crisps, cookies, noodles and a lot more that you fancy. Take turns to blind-fold each other and the blindfolded person will have to identify the food he or she has been fed by the partner. This is both enjoyable and will turn out to be a day of unlimited romance.

3. Cooking

This is a very simple activity that can be done anywhere anytime. But on a leisurely day, pick up a strange but interesting recipe from some wild corner of the World Wide Web. Make sure the recipe has several tasks so that you can work individually and together to prepare the dish. When you enjoy the company of the person and the activity that you are indulging in, you are most likely to relish the complete experience by itself.

4. Basketball

Not with a group of friends but just by yourselves – play basketball. Only the two of you playing against each other will be more fun than playing with a group of friends. This game when played by a couple is romantic although tiring. But it will leave huge space for some great romance.

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