7 Fun Facts about Wine

7 Fun Facts About Wine

Wine is alluring, interesting and almost an essential drink at sophisticated dinner parties worldwide. There are many myths about the drink, as there are conceptions and misconceptions about it as well. Listed below are 7 little known and fun facts about wine:

1. The phrase “drinking to one’s health” comes from a tradition from ancient Greece where the host would take the first sip of wine offered to the guests to ensure that it is not poisoned. This practice of “toasting” was later continued by the Romans and is still followed almost worldwide.

2. A study conducted in Italy argues that women who have two glasses of wine everyday have better sex than those who do not.

3. In the Old Testament of the Bible, wine (or vine) is mentioned everywhere except only in the Book of Jonah.

4. Wine tasting is essentially wine smelling, and thus women tend to be better at ‘tasting’ wine because they (especially if they are of reproductive age) have a stronger sense of smell than men.

5. In ancient Rome, women were forbidden to drink wine. Men who found or caught their wives drinking had the liberty to kill them. They also had the option to seek divorce on the same grounds.

6. Wine is also a very healthy drink: It does not contain any cholesterol or fat. One glass of wine (about 5 ounces) contains about 100 calories.

7. It has been scientifically proven that drinking moderate wine regularly significantly reduces the risks of heart related ailments, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

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