7 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

6 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Getting married comes with lot of responsibilities and commitments and before stepping into a different life altogether there should be a night of complete fun and wildness, a night of bachelorette party. So if you have a friend who is going to walk the aisle soon, throw a great bachelorette party for her which she will remember throughout her life. Here are some ideas that will make your party just perfect.

1. Call A Stripper

Think of a bachelorette party and first thing that comes to your mind is a stripper. Well if your bride to be is on for some wild fun, you can hire a male stripper. Have him dressed as a fireman of sherrif and make him dance to your tunes. Arrange for some great food, cocktails and let the fun begin.

2. Throw A Pool Side Party

If you have a pool in your backyard then its a perfect venue for a great bachelorette party. Have your girl gang dip into some cool water with great music, cocktails and grilled food for company.

3. Spa Treatment

What better way to treat the bride to be with a complete beauty treatment. Take your girl gang to a weekend spa and let them have fun while getting massaged, manicured and pedicured. After this bachelorette party the girls will come out glowing and feeling relaxed. You can end the treat with gifting everyone a makeup kit.

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