9 Foods You should Remove from Your Diet

Foods You should Remove from Your Diet

Foods have the ability to make you healthy and unhealthy. Your choice of foods determines the difference. Here are some examples of foods and food groups you must remove from your diet as early as possible for a healthier and more fit you.

1. Saturated fats

They are perhaps the number one culprit that is responsible for a large portion of the world population being obese. They take the form of sinful food that are difficult not to indulge in, very tasteful but exceptionally harmful. Besides piling calories, saturated fats also contribute to the rapidly growing percentage of coronary disease, stroke and heart attacks in the world.

2. Frozen \meals

Aren’t they the most convenient and quickest ways of grabbing your lunch or dinner on the go? But this widely used food option is turning nightmarish for the urban population. They may be labeled low in calories but they are even lower in nutrition. They are deficient in dietary fiber and protein. They are a processed source of carbohydrates and do nothing but fill you up in the most imperfect ways possible. Freeze if you must, foods you prepare at home and grab them on the go.

3. Trans fats

The moment you notice ‘trans fats’ on the food label, it is a better option to forego that food for whatsoever reason you may have picked it up for. Hydrogenated fats also comprise of trans fats and hence both categories are unfit for human consumption. What trans fats do is raise LDL cholesterol levels and this has led to the growing number of heart diseases and many other health problems in the country. Snack foods and baked goods are ideal examples of foods rich in trans fats.

4. Artificial colors and sweeteners

If you considered artificial sweeteners as your alternate to real sugars, you have been mistaken. Nothing artificial in food has ever done anything good for the human body. Artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin have only contributed to a number of health problems including the likes of fatal diseases like cancer. They also contribute to debilitating routine conditions like migraine headache, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle ache, vision problems, nausea, gastrointestinal disorders and fibromyalgia. Artificial colors are responsible for similar effects.

5. Flavored yogurt

Switch to good old Greek yogurt instead. Fruit flavored yogurt may seem tempting and healthy since the perception is that it contains fruit. But fruit flavored yogurt is just another name for sugar rich yogurt. That small tub can contain at least 10 grams or more of sugar in it. Staying away from it is a wise option.

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