10 Foods to Avoid at all Costs if You are on a Diet

10 Foods to Avoid at all Costs if You are on a Diet

When you are dieting with the idea of weight loss in your mind, then it’s very important to cut down on some foods. You cannot be eating calorie-rich foods and hoping for weight loss. The whole idea behind dieting is to ensure that you take in the right amount of healthy nutrients in your body and cut down the excessive consumption of fats. Listed here are some of the foods that you totally need to avoid if you are on a diet and wish for it to be successful.

1. Coleslaw

It usually comes as a side dish, but whether you believe it or not, even its small serving or portion size contains a lot of calories. It is filled with mayonnaise, which is not exactly very healthy for you. So you must avoid consuming it too much.

2. Pizzas

They are filled with generous amounts of cheese, which only adds fat to your body. You may think that adding more vegetables on the toppings may compensate, but that doesn’t do anything to help reduce the quantity of cheese and the subsequent calories. So this is best avoided when you are dieting.

3. Packaged Sandwiches

Packaged sandwiches have the same problem that most other packaged things have. They contain oodles of mayonnaise and fat-rich cheese slices and dressings, which are hardly doing any good to you. Plus, you can never be too sure of the freshness of the vegetables inside the sandwich. For all you know, they might be the preserved ones too.

4. Frosted Foods

Cakes, pastries, cupcakes etc. all contain a lot of frosting, which has the same or more amount of calories than the cake or the base itself. It’s best to avoid such foods while you are on a diet.

5. Syrups and Sauces

To improve or enhance the taste of our dishes, we often add additional syrups and sauces. What we don’t realize is that most of these bottled or packaged syrups and sauces contain high amounts of sugars and preservatives, which are strongly linked with weight gain. They are best avoided during dieting, and should be substituted by other healthy things such as honey or jaggery etc.

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