5 Food Ideas for a Vegan Christmas Dinner

5 Food Ideas for a Vegan Christmas Dinner

Are you a vegetarian? Well, you have lots and lots of options for a lovely dinner on the Christmas evening. Vegans have many options as far as choosing the ingredients is concerned. From appetizers to desserts, there are innumerable vegetarian dishes for a Christmas celebration. Here are some great food ideas for a vegan Christmas dinner.

1. Appetizers to begin with

Appetizers are a must to relish the rest of the dinner. Spinach and cucumber spread is an easy to prepare and a very tasty appetizer. All you need is some fresh dill, all purpose seasoning of your choice, some scallion, salt, and pepper. You can either serve it fresh or refrigerated. Mushroom stuffed with tofu and herbs is another such appetizer that is not only mouthwatering but also nutritious. The white mushrooms are filled with tofu and sautéed onions, celery, garlic, thyme, yeast flakes, and parsley. Try the Grilled cottage cheese marinated with mint and coriander paste with barbecue sauce over it with some red, green, and yellow capsicum.

2. Beverages to welcome the guests

A Christmas dinner has to have something nice and welcoming for the guests. Coconut cashew milk is a great welcome drink for all age groups. Just put some cashew, coconut water, vanilla extract, and dates in a blender. Your drink is ready! Dates and dry fruit shake is another lovely beverage that you can serve either cold or warm. In a blender, just blend some cashews, dates, almonds, one or two figs and milk. Add sugar if necessary. Here is a healthy and tasty drink for your guests.

3. Soups before the main course

There is a great variety of vegan soups that one can make. The split pea and sweet potato soup is time consuming but your guests are going to love it. Sweet potato and dried split are to be cooked on low heat for an hour with onion and garlic. Then the mixture is to be blended using a hand blender and salt and pepper are to be added. Another such soup is Spiced squash bisque. It is a very healthy soup and is great if your guests like spicy food. This soup has onion, garlic, cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, and cayenee mixed with vegetable broth and baked and blended squash.

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