Follow These 5 Tips To Make Your Child’s Potty Training Hassle Free

Follow These 5 Tips To Make Your Child's Potty Training Hassle Free

Is your infant in the bed wetting phase even after 3 or 4 years of age? We can completely understand your difficulty. It is quite irritating to clean up every time your toddler wets the place, isn’t it? If your tiny tot is able to sit down, stand up and walk by himself/herself, it’s time you toilet train him/her. Kathleen, 32, shared with us some great tips about toilet training for infants. She has recently been through the whole rigmarole herself and gives us some great advice.

1. Keep it diaper free

‘You will never be able to potty train your child if you put a diaper on him/her. They have to feel urine running down their legs and the urge to defecate when they don’t have anything on’ says Kathleen. ‘By removing the security of a diaper, you have to drive home to them that they are making a mess with their pee and potty around the house’ she concludes.

2. Get a toilet bowl for his room

You may not expect your 2-year old to run to the toilet, but you can start teaching him/her how to use the toilet bowl. ‘Toilet bowls these days come in lovely bright colors. This will make the entire process of potty training for your kid a lot of fun’, Kathleen asserts. Once your child starts using the toilet bowl well, you can graduate him/her to the bathroom.

3. Your attitude has to be right

‘I have seen many mothers give a ‘yuck’ expression on their face when they are trying to toilet train their kids. How the hell is that going to work?’ Kathleen has a point there. If your child starts treating the whole process as dirty and filthy by looking at your expressions, then it’s going to be quite a disaster. ‘Keep a straightforward face and tell your child that this is compulsory’ Kathleen suggests.

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