8 Flowers and What They Stand For

Flowers and What They Stand

There are countless varieties of beautiful blooms which make the world a more beautiful and fragrant place to live in. These flowers are however not only an eye candy or gifting material, they also stand for certain qualities. So you should gift particular flowers to those people with whom you associate specific qualities and feelings with.

1. Roses

The most popularly gifted flowers are roses. Since everyone knows that a red rose is symbol of love and passion, naturally, their sales are the most worldwide on Valentine’s Day. While a yellow rose stands for friendship, a pink one says, “I have a crush on you”. White roses are used during weddings as they signify purity and the rarely found combination of red and white roses symbolizes unity.

2. Lilies

These beautiful and delicate flowers have many meanings attached to them. A white lily signifies purity, majesty and virginity while tiger lilies are normally offered to the rich as they stand for wealth and pride. Orange and yellow colored lilies symbolize passion and gaiety, respectively. Lily of the Valley is associated with sweetness and purity of heart while the Easter lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary.

3. Carnations

Like roses, carnations also have a host of significant qualities and feelings attached to them. The pink varieties of these flowers which stand for motherly love, are the symbolic flowers presented to mothers on Mother’s Day. A red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admiration while a purple carnation signifies capriciousness. A yellow hued carnation is a negative one associated with disdain, rejection or disappointment while a white carnation symbolizes innocence and pure love. If anybody had to refuse someone in the olden times, they would offer the rejected person a striped carnation that conveys refusal.

4. Camellias

Presenting a man with a camellia flower was thought to be a good luck offering gesture. While a pink camellia symbolizes longing for someone, the white one tells the receiver that he or she is adorable. “You are a flame in my heart”, if you ever wish to say something like this to someone, then offer them a red shaded camellia.

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