Five Perfumes The Boys Want Girls To Wear

4. Burberry Brit

Burberry Brit

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This is a classic fragrance that needs no particular time or season to be worn, since it is so evergreen. A neutralizing, soft fragrance, when worn, it doesn’t stream up right into the nose nor does it get ignored. The strength of the fragrance is just right. This is the kind of perfume that a man will remember in hindsight. Epitomizing the frolicsome spirit of London, this perfume boasts a fragrance which is a perfect blend of sugary and spicy notes. To top it off, it has a beautiful collectors’ item bottle.

5. White Diamonds

White Diamonds

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Extremely intoxicating, this perfume is the best if you wish to seduce your guy. Your guy will be swayed off his feet and he would love to make others jealous when he walks hand in hand with you and everyone else gets a little whiff of your White Diamonds. This scent has notes of Italian neroli, Amazon lily, Egyptian tuberose, Turkish rose, narcissus, Italian orris, living jasmine, Italian sandalwood, oak moss, patchouli and amber.

Boys would love it if you changed your fragrance according to the occasion. To surprise them with a new smell each time will be like a bait to them. Flaunt their expectations and show them the temptress in you.

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