6 Fascinating Facts to Know About Water Birth

4. Water birth reduces the first stage of labor

Because of this there may not be a need to administer anesthesia for patients who cannot deal with the pain.

5. Water birth also relaxes the muscles of the mother

The birth can be smooth and there are also less chances of vaginal tearing. This is great as she does not have to undergo further stitches later on.

6. It does come with complications too

Some of the complications of having a water birth include infections from the water that can affect bot the mother and the baby, lack of oxygen for the baby inside the water and electrolyte problems for the baby. But other benefits like natural buoyancy that the water provides and the lighter feeling that a woman gets while inside the water are enough for many women to opt for this. A lot of women who have chosen water birth also feel that they have more control over the birth when they are inside the water.

A regular check up with your gynecologist will let you know if you are ready to give birth in the water and if there are no complications.

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