6 Fascinating Facts to Know About Water Birth

Fascinating Facts to Know About Water Birth

Giving birth to a baby can be a painful process and involves a lot of physical and mental stress for the woman. Physicians are always trying to ease the process of birth. While there is nothing much one can do with a cesarean birth, except give a spinal injection and anesthesia, there are less painful ways to give birth the normal way. One such method of giving birth and is easy on the mother as well as the baby is the water birth. Although not many physicians have taken to this and still question its benefits, many hospitals have now started offering this and here are some fascinating facts to know about water birth.

1. Water birth can be done in a bathtub, a tank of water or any pool of water

It is as simple as that. You just have to make sure that the water is clean and that the temperature is optimum for both the mother and the baby and that they do not get too cold during and after the birth.

2. You can have a water birth at home, at a birthing center or in a hospital

The good thing about opting for a water birth is that you can go for it at home, at a birthing Center or a hospital. If you are going for a water birth at home, make sure you have a midwife present and that you take the necessary precautions. Also make sure that you can reach the hospital on time in case there are any complications.

3. In case you choose to have a water birth at a hospital, you will be hooked to a special underwater Doppler device that will monitor your baby’s heartbeat

But this may not be available in a birthing center or when you opt to give birth at home. You can go through your contractions inside of the water and then later move on to a hospital bed to go through your actual delivery.

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