13 Facts You must Know about Soaps

13 Facts You must Know about Soaps

Soaps are an important part of hygiene and cleaning. Can you imagine life without use of soaps? Definitely not. Listed here are some super facts about soaps that you might want to know.

1. Soap was discovered on Mount Sapo. Mount Sapo was a mountain where all the natives of the place used to sacrifice their animals.

2. There are three kinds of soap making processes. They are hot process, cold process and melt process. Melt soap process is also called as melt and pour process. Each process involves some kind of soap in the making. This namely differs from homemade and commercial soaps.

3. The process of soap making is known as ‘saponification’. The process involves vegetable oils and fats that are mixed with the base. This is then transferred into a salt. These are known as salts of fatty acids. In order words, these salts are same soaps that are used for cleaning purposes.

4. There is a difference in commercial soaps and homemade soaps. Commercial soaps use animal and other hard oils in the making. Homemade soaps are made using natural ingredients which also include glycerin. Homemade soaps are much gentle on the skin as compared to commercial soaps.

5. Do you know why some soaps lather more than others? It is because some soaps have more sulfates or sulfites. If a particular soap has more sulfates, then it will lather more.

6. Soaps are available in many different forms for daily use. Soaps are available in gel, liquid, cream and bar form.

7. There are two important reasons why soaps cause burning in the eyes. Normally, soaps contain two chemicals that cause burning. Lye is a chemical which causes burning in the eyes. Secondly, some fatty molecules when lathered cause burning sensation in the eyes.

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