6 Facts You must Know About Diabetes

Facts You must Know About Diabetes

The thing about diabetes is that once you have it, you have it for life. Sure you can keep it under control and lead a normal life, but it always stays around and you will always have to be careful about your diet and your fitness levels. There are also two types of diabetes, type I and type II. Anyone can get diabetes these days with the changes in food and lifestyle. Even kids are not spared from this dreaded disease. Genetic reasons are another factor for you to get diabetes. If there is good news in the otherwise dismal forecast, it is the fact that diabetes is completely preventable, even if both your parents are diabetic. You will have to start making a few adjustments early on in life to remain diabetes free. Here are some facts you must know about diabetes.

1. Not many people know that they are diabetic until it is too late

If you feel that you are at an increased risk of getting diabetes, owing to your food habits, lifestyle or family, make sure that you get your blood tested every two months to check for diabetes. You do not want to find out that you are diabetic when it is too late. Borderline diabetes can be cured with the right food, exercise and very little medication.

2. Diabetes can lead to heart problems and also blindness

Untreated diabetes can lead to heart problems and also blindness. Glaucoma is irreversible and it helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check all the time. Do not succumb to temptation and go haywire with your diet.

3. Be careful of open wounds when you are a diabetic

You should be really careful of open wounds when you are a diabetic. These wounds take a long time to heal and there are also very high chances of them getting infected. Especially the feet and legs are prone to these problems. Always go out with your footwear and wash your feet carefully if you have been out somewhere without your shoes on.

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