7 Facts to Know about Metabolism Before You Go on a Diet

Facts to Know About Metabolism Before You Go on a Diet

There are a lot of things you have to consider before you go on a diet. You have to consider your lifestyle, your weight, the time factor and most importantly your metabolism. People are too focused on shedding the extra pounds that they do not realize that the body’s metabolism too plays an important role during and after the dieting process. Here are some facts about metabolism you should know before you go on a diet.

1. The metabolism rate for every individual is different and while you can’t change it, you can definitely influence it

Metabolism is a process that consists of two stages – Anabolism when the energy is created and stored and catabolism when the stored energy is released. While you definitely cannot modify how your endocrine system works, you can definitely influence it by changing your lifestyle and food habits i.e. exercise and dieting.

2. Suit your calorie intake depending on your basal metabolic rate

The Basal metabolic rate is the rate of your metabolism i.e. how fast or how slow your metabolism is. Once you find this, you can easily tailor your calorie intake and reduce as much as weight you want to.

3. Exercise and other physical activity boosts metabolism

Physical activity and other exercises also helps boost your metabolism rate, making you lose weight faster. Cut down on your calorie intake and increase your physical activities to boost your metabolism and shed those pounds.

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4. Having more muscle mass translated to faster metabolism

Having more muscle mass than fat is useful when you are exercising. It also means that you will have a faster metabolic rate.

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