4 Facts that Makes us Feel Sad About Sochi Stray Dogs

Facts that Makes us Feel Sad About Sochi Stray Dogs

The stray dogs at Sochi found fame after the winter Olympics was held there. The attention that came to Sochi not only shed light on the plight of stray dogs there but is also helping them find new homes abroad in various countries. Stray dogs are not only a problem in Sochi, but are a problem in a lot of countries. Many countries just kill them or neuter them which is inhuman. This happens because the population of stray dogs is hard to maintain or quell and most of the countries lack the basic infrastructure to maintain them. Here are some facts about the stray dogs in Sochi that bring tears to our eyes and make us feel sad.

1. Many dogs were rounded up and euthanized before the beginning of the games

In order to provide a clean and safe environment to the athletes and also provide a clean image of the venue, the government decided to euthanize or put to death all the stray dogs that they could round up. It is quite sad to see so many dogs being killed for an event.

2. They came into the media and world spotlight after athletes found packs of dogs roaming about in the city

Not many of us would have known about the problem if not for the athletes who were quick shocked to see packs of dogs roaming about. After they decided to adopt these little pups and take it back home, the issue of stray dogs gained widespread sympathy and popularity.

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