5 Facts About the New Study Which Says up to 25% Miscarriages are Preventable

Facts About the New Study Which Says up to 25% Miscarriages are Preventable

Going through a miscarriage can be the most traumatic events in the life of any woman. She has to deal with her loss, both emotionally and physically and also deal with the many questions that people around her ask. Miscarriages are quite common due to the postponement of pregnancies until the late thirties and a host of other factors. A new study by scientists in Denmark published in the BJOG: International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, has now claimed that 25% of these miscarriages are preventable. The research took into account a lot of factors including the environment and the lifestyle of pregnant women. Here are some facts about the new study.

1. The research team collected data from a varied source and conducted research for almost a decade.

The research team looked at data from around 90,000 pregnancies that happened between 1996 and 2002. These pregnancies were tracked by a national registry. The research focused on changeable risk factors including exercise, alcohol consumption, smoking, drinking coffee, work schedule, regular heavy lifting, maternal age, and pre-pregnancy weight.

2. The research was based on the fact and assumption that there is a miscarriage rate of 15-20% in women who knew they were pregnant

This is because a lot of miscarriages happen in women who don’t yet know that they are pregnant. This is the body’s way of terminating a fetus that is either not strong enough or genetically flawed. They know about the miscarriage only when they have an increased bleeding.

3. A healthy weight and a optimum BMI were important factors for a healthy pregnancy

The research found that the key pre-pregnancy factors linked with bringing down miscarriage risk were to maintain a healthy weight which is being neither obese nor underweight-and being under 30 years old. Women who had a healthy BMI and were aged between 25 and 29 years old at the time of conception and early pregnancy had a lowered risk of miscarriage by more than 14 percent.

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