5 Facts About Natural AHAs for Anti Aging

5 Facts About Natural AHAs for Anti Aging

AHA’s or Alpha Hydroxy acids are the miracle cure for anti-ageing these days. These naturally occurring acids are found in milk products and other plants and are helpful in clearing blemishes, getting rid of black and dark spots by reducing the amount of pigmentation in the skin and so on. They also work on the outer layers and the dead cells of the skin, help in the peeling of the dead layers that they give the skin a younger and glowing look. AHA’s are found to be so good on the skin when it comes to its anti-ageing properties that it can be found in a lot of creams and many companies have put them in their products to make their sales soar. Here are some facts about the miracle AHA’s that knock out a few years of our faces.

1. AHA’s are a group of acids

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a group of naturally occurring acids, although a lot of companies and cosmetic giants have now come up with their own synthetic versions. The naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy acids are Gycolic acids, lactic acids that can be found in yogurt, honey, buttered milk etc., tasrtaric acid that’s found in grapes, berries, passion fruit, bilberries, citric acid found in all the citrus fruits, malic acid that’s got from Apples and gluconic acid from corn.

2. Each acid works differently on the skin

Each acid has a different property and its effect on the skin depends on the size of it molecules. Glycolic acid has the smallest size and is very effective, although it can be quite irritating on the skin. Other acids can be less effective , but good and less irritating on the skin. Depending on your skin type, you can choose the product that you want to use on your face.

3. They are not like Retin A

Although both are used in anti-ageing treatments, they are not the same. Retin A works by filling in the wrinkles with the collagen produced on contact with the skin cells, while AHA’s work by peeling away the layers and bonding the lipid cells in the skin. For better results it is advisable to use creams with AHA’s ever day followed by a nightly application of a product with Retin A. A combination of these two would give faster and better results.

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