5 Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Unless you are hirsute or suffer from a medical condition that causes a lot of hair growth on your face or other parts of your exposed body, one should not really worry about body hair. But no one is ever really ready to go out with a lot of hair on the legs, underarms or on the face. People stare and also make painful comments. The worst part is that most comments come from women themselves. There are a lot of methods to remove unwanted hair from the body. You can shave, use a cream, an epilator, get threading done or try some home remedies. But nothing is as effective as a laser hair removal treatment. With the other techniques, you will have to keep doing them at regular intervals to prevent hair growth, but with a laser treatment you do not have to worry about stubbles after a few days. But it is also not permanent and you have to know a few things about it before you get one done. Here are some facts about laser hair removal.

1. Laser hair removal treatments are expensive

If you are going to a reputed clinic with an experienced technician or a doctor, you will be charges a minimum of 500 dollars a session. And you will not see results in just one session. Depending on your body and your skin you will need more than one and sometimes even a dozen. You should be prepared for the expenses before you get laser removal treatment.

2. You cannot get laser treatment for hair removal if you have a tan

It is not so much as not being able to get one, but it is about not getting one when you have a tan. When you have a tan, the laser settings have to be very minimal and this has less or no effect on the hair. If at the clinic, they tell you it is ok to get it done with a tan, it is time you left the clinic and looked for another place. You are also more likely to get a skin burn when you get treated with a tan.

3. The more the equipment in the place, the better the results

If the clinic has more equipment and if they are owned and nor rented, you can be rest assured that they will do a good job. Depending on the age, skin type and body, different machines need to be used on different people and the more equipment in a clinic, the more efficient the treatment. Be vary of places that rent the equipment as you cannot be assured of good treatment.

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