5 Facts About Bulimia You must Surely Know

Facts About Bulimia You must Surely Know

Bulimia nervosa or Bulimia is an eating disorder that is afflicting a lot of people around the world. It is a disorder that makes people throw up or purge whatever food that have eaten. This is because they do not want to hold the food down as they think it might make them fat or big. Although this is not true, people suffering from Bulimia have these feelings in them. Although a lot of people suffer from Bulimia and certain cases have even been fatal resulting in deaths, this is not taken seriously by health professionals or by other people. You need to understand that this too is a serious disease and you should get help if you are experiencing the symptoms or if you know someone who is showing signs of Bulimia. Here are some facts you must know about Bulimia.

1. It is more of a mental disease than a physical disease

Sure you have symptoms that are physical, like a weak body or a emaciated frame, but the truth is that the disease is largely mind related. Even though your body does not reject the food, your mind is what makes you take it out of your system. It also makes a sufferer do the purging in secret so others do not really know about their problem.

2. It is erroneous to think that only young women and teens suffer from Bulimia

A lot of men and boys and children too suffer from Bulimia and it is important for you and for everyone to understand that Bulimia is a serious disease and is not a lifestyle related disease that is brought upon by people themselves.

3. People of any age can suffer from Bulimia

Men and women and children-all can suffer from Bulimia. Older people too can suffer from it and the reasons for this are manifold. A new mother can suffer from it because of her hormonal changes, a middle aged man can suffer from it because he has trouble adjusting to a new work environment, kids can have it with their new schools, it can happen after a divorce etc.

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