6 Factors Which May Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer

6 Factors Which May Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancers account for about 22.9% of deaths caused by cancers in women. The survival rate is determined by the diagnosis (early diagnosis leads to better chances of survival) and the virility of the cancer. A woman can have breast cancer for a variety of reasons. It could be genetically inherited, it could be because of the lifestyle and sometimes a woman can get breast cancer because of other medical conditions too. Although breast cancers owing to genetic reasons cannot be avoided, there are some things that we can avoid doing to bring down our chances of getting breast cancer. There are preventive measures like removing the breasts if you know you are a high risk candidate or if you have had a number of women in your family die of breast cancer. The first step is to know which factors can bring about an increased risk of breast cancer and here are a few factors that might increase the risk.

1. Race and Ethnicity

A woman’s genetic makeup also plays a part and can increase the chances of her getting breast cancer. It is scientifically proven that white women are more at a risk of getting breast cancers than black women or African American women. However, the survival rate of white women is higher than the other after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

2. Genetics and Family history of breast cancer

You can also be genetically predisposed to getting breast cancer. If you have a number of women in your family who were diagnosed with breast cancer, chances are that you can be at high risk too. It is always better to get yourself tested regularly to detect signs of cancer early.

3. Personal history of cancer (breast)

If you had already had cancer in one of the breast and is under remission, you cannot actually breathe a sigh of relief, as a previous history of cancer puts you in the high risk zone of developing a breast cancer in the other breast at a later stage.

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