7 Exciting Facts About the 2014 Grammy Awards

Exciting Facts About the 2014 Grammy Awards

The 56th Grammy awards are over with some spectacular music performances and some weird combinations. Listed below are some facts you must know about 2014 Grammy awards.

1. Beyonce and Jay Z gave an awesome performance on the song ‘Drunk in love’. But, they were apprehensive of performing together at the awards. Their performance was confirmed at the last minute. They got a mixed review on their performance at the Grammys. Beyonce was also going to perform with superstar Madonna. But sadly, that could not happen.

2. Did you know, Madonna was not going to perform at the Grammys 2014? It was only two days before the awards that she made an official statement. She posted a picture of her rehearsal on her Instagram account with a guitar. It was indeed a pleasant addition to the Grammys 2014.

3. You may already be aware of the Grammys’ tradition of highlighting the best and worst red carpet dresses. Do you know who got to the list this year? Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Ciara were among the best dressed celebs on the red carpet. Zendaya and Cyndi Lauper were among the worst dressed celebs on the red carpet of Grammys 2014.

4. Grammys is also famous for its meal deal. This year it had a fantastic menu that included roasted salmon, sandwiches and beef short rib. Indeed, it must have been a delectable affair for the celebs.

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