6 Excellent Low Calorie Snacks

6 Excellent Low Calorie Snacks

Our lifestyle today is definitely leading to an increase in weight problems, fitness problems and health problems. One of the major reasons behind this is stress. An increase in stress levels, pollution levels and, due to paucity of time, no exercise, all are adding to the lifestyle diseases facing the modern world today.

If our lifestyle doesn’t leave us any time to get proper exercise, what is the next best thing we can do to combat these problems? Well, a nutritious and healthy diet can take care of a myriad of problems for us, giving us healthy teeth, glowing skin, weight reduction and controlling diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Sometimes a healthy diet can help to lift depression too.

This does not mean that you forego eating. All it means is that you need to choose your food carefully so that you can benefit from your diet, not live to rue it. If you are in the habit of snacking, you would mostly be going for fried stuff, which you know is bad for you. But what if you could have tasty, nutritious snacks, which could fulfill your appetite and satisfy your taste buds? You can take your pick of these snacks, which cater to every taste. Try them.

1. When you just want to nibble on some snacks

Sometimes you just want something to nibble on, say when you’re driving or reading a book. At these times nibbling on carrots, popcorn, fruits like apples, grapes or pears can fulfill your urge to eat.

2. When friends come over and you need snacks

Whenever you’re having fun in company, eating and drinking happens to be a part of that fun. But what kind of healthy snack options are there? Well, you could go in for thinly sliced brown bread and tomato sandwiches. Other fillings like cucumber, lettuce, carrots and cottage cheese (grated), onions or maybe boiled and mashed eggs sprinkled with a little salt and pepper can be also tried. You could also make fruit and vegetable salads or grill some chicken and cottage cheese. And of course, chips and a dip are also a staple option.

3. Movie time snacks

You’re all set to see that wonderful sci-fi movie everyone’s been craving about. Everything is set, but what is the fun of seeing a movie without some snacks available. At such times you could munch on popcorn, boiled sweet corn, to which a dollop of low fat butter and some pepper and salt have been added. You can also chew on nuts or make up a salad consisting of sprouts with some vegetables sprinkled with some lemon juice and salt. You can even make pizzas with cottage cheese and slices of chicken or ham, with very little oil or butter. Great snacks for a great movie!

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