Everyone should Know These 6 Symptoms of a Heart Attack. This Short List can Save Lives.

Everyone should Know These 6 Symptoms of a Heart Attack. This Short List can Save Lives.

The signs of heart attack are different in women than they are in men. Apart from the classic chest pain which we all are acquainted with, there are many subtler symptoms which may not appear so daunting at the onset. But once you know these symptoms, it will be easier for you to be on your guard as well as help others should they ever experience anything similar. Listed here are the 6 symptoms of a heart attack in women which everyone should know. Needless to say, this short list can save lives.

1. Body pain

When heart attack strikes, chest pain is not the only pain in the body. A woman may experience pain in her arms, neck, back and the jaw. This pain is typical in women and may occur suddenly. This may be intense or a gradual soreness which become more and more uncomfortable and severe. This kind of pain may also wake you from sleep. If you face any kind of unexplained pain in any of these body parts, consult a physician without delay.

2. Stomach pain

The kind of stomach pain an imminent heart attack triggers is typical of a gastroenterological discomfort which is why it is often ignored. But stomach pain followed by heartburn may not be just a problem of gas – it could be signaling an upcoming heart attack. This pain is more like an intense pressure on the abdomen.

3. Chest pain

The chest pain which is a more common symptom of heart attack in both men and women is experienced in a slightly different way by women. Unlike in men, the pain may not be concentrated only on the left side of the chest. This pain could be anywhere and is marked by a feeling of discomfort. Also, the heart feels more tightened and as though it is being squeezed.

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