6 Easy to do Hairstyles

6 Easy to do Hairstyles

A new hairstyle everyday often seems like a chore and if you have a busy morning, then it may be difficult to think of something every day. The most popular misconception many women harbor is that hairstyles are a chore and they take a long time. Here are some styles for your hair that bust this misconception. They are easy to try and take no time at all.

1. Side swept bun

Women with medium or long hair can try this hairstyle. All that you need is a hair stick or bracket like accessory, shine spray, comb and elastic and you can get this hairstyle done in less than 5 minutes. Use the comb to make a deep side parting. Use the shine spray all through and comb hair to control even the tiniest of hair strands to hold them all in place. Pull back hair into a tight ponytail on the side behind your ear and secure with elastic. Bring the tail of the pony towards the ear and hold them together in a bun with ends free. Finally, use the hair stick so that it passes through one end of the elastic and pops out from the other side so as to secure the bun.

2. The twisted sister

Although there involves a series of twists to get this hairstyle right, the twists are classic, super easy and quick to complete. Women with wavy hair can carry off this hairdo in style. Secure the front and top sections with bobby pins so that you can work with rest of the hair first. Pull the rest of the hair into a messy bun that can rest at the nape of your neck. Start taking individual sections of hair from the front and loosely twist them around. Secure them into the bun with pins. Repeat with all sections of hair in alternating fashion until you reach the top section. Now, back comb this section of hair to create volume. Loosely twist and pin it to the bun. Adjust the sections to frame the face in a soft manner.

3. A dressy ponytail

Pulling your hair back into a high or low ponytail is what all of us know best and also end up doing most days. A little variation from the regular ponytail will not just make you feel good but also look good. Simply inverse the ponytail. You don’t just hide the elastic but also give yourself a formal appearance. This hairdo is perfect for work or school.

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