6 Easy Exercises to Do Indoors in Winter

Easy Exercises to Do Indoors in Winter

It is winter and there is snow outside. More reasons for you to get under the covers and snooze than get up and workout. But it is vital to work out the same in winter months as we do in summer months. If you do not want to run the risk of frostbites, hypothermia or just the cold winds blasting your face, you can try out some of these awesome indoor workouts. Some of these are actually quite good that you may be tempted to do them even after winter is over. Here are some easy exercises that you can do indoors in winter.

1. Indoor cycling

You do not have to deal with traffic or other motorists, do not have to endure the ice cold winds on your face, you don’t have to wear a helmet and you get to burn the same amount of calories. Indoor cycling too can be as much fun as outdoor cycling and you will also be inhaling less toxic fumes.

2. Indoor swimming

Warm water and a few laps, this could be either your warm up exercise or you can do a few more fast laps and make this your actual exercise. The feel of warm water during the winter months will also be heaven.

3. Climb a wall

If you can’t do it outdoors, take it indoors and save your fingers and toes from the snow. There are a lot of places that offer indoor rock climbing and you can do it knowing that you are safe too and there are no unexpected dangers like slippery rocks and powdery snow out in the mountains.

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