Do’s and Don’ts of Fighting In a Relationship

Do's and Don'ts of Fighting In a Relationship

Like every sport, fighting with your partner also has some rules, that is, do’s and don’ts. The motive here is to be safe and predictable. When in a relationship, you are bound to have disagreements, but fighting regularly with your partner can lead to cursing, name-calling, threats, character assassination, recriminations and accusations. But somewhere, you need to limit yourself. To help your relationship last longer, you should follow the do’s and don’ts of fighting in a relationship.

Do’s while fighting

1. Try to discard the issue, not your partner. This will help push the issue into the humor zone and things turn out to end happily.

2. Listen more, understand more, and talk less. Giving your partner a fair chance to speak might just bring clarity to the issue. This will not only make you a better judge of the matter, but you will also earn your partner’s respect significantly.

3. Keep anger out of your voice. During conflicts, you are bound to get angry at some point or the other. It is better if you don’t resort to yelling, just to prove your point. Having conflicts is normal, but you need to limit them.

4. Clarify your doubts. There is always a possibility that you or your partner misunderstood a point, which led to an unnecessary quarrel. Try clarifying the doubts at the earliest, so that things don’t go out of hand.

5. Limit your fight to no more than half an hour. Fighting with your partner is not a game or soap opera, but try solving your differences in half an hour. If you can’t, take a breather and schedule your fight to continue later on, then probably the issue you were arguing on might seem petty.

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