Do’s And Don’ts Of Crockery Care

Do's And Don'ts Of Crockery Care

I wouldn’t exchange my crockery even for the most expensive jewelry in the world! Some of my bone china is so precious, like each woman has hers, that I take special care of it after its use. I want my crockery to last long since those designs aren’t even available anymore. After every special dinner, I make sure all my crockery enjoys a good night’s sleep. If you don’t know already, I love my crockery. Do you want to give your kitchen babies similar amount of comfort? Borrow some tips.


Use tissue

I don’t use fine crockery in every day dinners and lunches. Since it is usually in storage for a long while, I always put thick tissue or cloth between two plates or bowls while keeping them one on the top of the other, so that there is no danger of them breaking or cracking.

Natural drying

Wouldn’t it be great if your crockery washing job was just reduced to washing and not drying? Well, here’s the good news. Try this out – after you have washed your crockery by yourself or in a dishwasher, simply stack it in a tray and leave it in the open to air by itself. Come back in the kitchen the next morning and you will see that all your crockery has been self aired without you having slogged to dry it up. This is really the best way to dry crockery without leaving drying marks of a cloth on it.

Use high grade cutlery

And you thought what the connection between your cutlery and crockery could possibly be? There is a huge connection, ladies! Did you know that the friction of forks and spoons made out of low grade steel will increase metal marking on your crockery? It’s not too late – if you have doubts regarding the metal quality of your cutlery, get an alternate set straight away.

Adequate Temperature

I usually keep my running water temperature to about 1400 degree Fahrenheit. Again, not by exact measurement, but it should be lukewarm enough to remove stains. Don’t use very hot water otherwise your fine china might be at risk of cracking up due to the heat. I don’t know why many women think that using extra hot water will add that extra sparkle to the crockery – this isn’t true.

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